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Visualizing your dream career

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Are you looking for an effective method to successfully prepare for your desired professional future? Imaginal experiences can do the trick for you. They refer to the use of your imagination to envision achieving the end goal of your tasks. It is all about visualizing yourself performing outstandingly in situations that you may find demanding or stressful, such as a job interview, a salary negotiation, or a more long-term project.

Imagine yourself at the interview or negotiation, rehearse mentally for it by asking yourself questions or thinking about arguments that may come up, and answer them with confidence. Put all negativity and self-questioning thoughts aside. Picture yourself talking in a self-assured manner, describing well your key achievements, and vividly sharing your professional experiences. It feels good, doesn’t it?

Or if you are interested in making a more major career transition, but lack clarity of direction, you may benefit from visualization. Visualization is the ability to create a positive mental image of your future career path before it actually happens. The better you will be able to see, feel and embody a future outcome, the more likely you will reach it. Visualize in a clear and detailed way what you expect from your career, and then make it a reality. Use the power of your mind to picture your future success and then start working enthusiastically towards your desired goal.

If you can dream it, you can make it

Visualization is an easily applicable technique. It helps you to change your life and career for the better. The more you do visualization, the stronger it becomes. Visualization can be viewed as the bridge that connects where you are in your career today and where you want to be in the future. See yourself succeed professionally and see yourself move step by step to your dream career.

Imagine it is early morning, you have just woken up and are still in bed. You have a fresh new day ahead of you. It is full of new opportunities and possibilities. What exactly will the day entail for you? What do you see? What will you do, who will you meet, where will you go? What is your mindset like? What do you wear? What do you see coming towards you? Do you eventually start seeing something different from how things are for you right now? 

The following steps can help you to make your career goal come true: 

·      What is it you want to have? Make your dream or goal as concrete as possible and start visualizing.

·      Where does all this happen? Imagine the exact scene and picture yourself there. Be clear and specific in describing the scene and what you do there. Try to use all your senses to bring your vision to life.

·      How does your action plan look? Visualize all the steps required to reach your goal or dream. Put your plan in action. Build upon your assets and resources to make progress towards your preferred career future.

·      How does it feel to get there? Focus on what you want to achieve and once you have got it, imagine the wonderful feeling of fulfillment, achievement and satisfaction.

It does not matter if your career goal is one month or two years away. The main thing is that every day you reserve some time in solitude to do a complete visualization until your dream becomes your new career. Make your visualization practice a pleasant daily routine. Be consistent with your visualization, but above all be loyal to yourself and to your dream! 

Text: Mika Launikari

Photo: DH Deccan Herald