Mika Launikari


The way I am, the way I work and act as well as the way I treat other people, whether they are family members, friends or colleagues, are reflected in the following qualities that I possess.

I am a communicative, cooperative and diplomatic person to start with. I am genuinely interested in people and in their well being, and therefore I always do my best to create a comfortable atmosphere to help people relax and that get the best out of them whether for business or leisure. Showing respect and appreciation for the others usually results in an open dialogue and good working relationships.

Being generous and supportive to other people describes me and my approach to life very well. When giving something, you can always be sure that at a certain point you will also be receiving something back yourself. That is the universal law of giving and receiving, which applies to all human relations.

Having seen, done and experienced a lot in life has contributed to a certain elasticity of mind. I consider being creative and innovative in a manner, which is only possible after having been exposed to many different cultural contexts and professional environments as well as to diverse groups of people of all ages and with different backgrounds. The older and more experienced I am, the more I have learnt to rely on my tacit knowledge, instincts and intuition, and on my capacity of seeing opportunities where people usually do not see them.

I am a goal-oriented person, who keeps the given deadlines, is willing to make compromises and always aims at creating something new, something that did not exist before. From multitasking and running several activities parallel to each other I have learnt the importance of setting objectives and having clear priorities to achieve the expected results.

Finally, I regard myself as a profound and analytical person who needs to understand the underlying patterns of any phenomenon before being able to fully commit myself with it. In this contemporary world of ours where superficiality and low quality too often dominate our daily work, I really want to make it clear: I work and stand for high quality in everything I do and that way I wish to show that I am a responsible person.