Mika Launikari


Postgraduate studies – I am a doctoral student!

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All in all, my professional career has been an enriching, empowering and enlightening experience in many ways. I have been blessed with great people with whom cooperation has always been highly fruitful and rewarding. Thanks to my work I have been to numerous countries and cities, and to many interesting conferences and meetings held in those places. Moreover, the diverse professional roles that I have had in different institutions in Finland and abroad have resulted in broadening the horizons for what is possible in one’s own life.

But now after more than 20 years in working life I have to admit that I gradually got a little tired of it. I realized that I had reached a saturation point. This did not happen just overnight! No, it was a long process during which I was coming to my senses little by little. Whatever I did was not anymore giving me the joy, satisfaction or motivation that I would have needed. Thus, I was getting angry with myself, angry with my pretty negative state of mind due to the fact that I did not quite know what to do, where to go, how to deal with the growing frustration in my mental system.

It was obvious to me that I had to start exploring new opportunities. Mapping out options that at my age still would be realistic and relevant for me was the first step. Should I change my job or my whole career? Should I go entrepreneurial? How about taking a leave of absence from work, travelling around the world, enjoying life, meeting new people? Or how about taking a sabbatical leave from the office for pursuing some intellectual challenges, such as studying?

All of a sudden I just knew it … it was like having been hit by a lightning bolt … explosion of the mind, serenity of the soul, wisdom of the spirit … indeed, I had to make a work-to-learn transition in my life! In the past weeks I have made all the arrangements required for launching doctoral studies at the University of Helsinki. Stepping out of working life and becoming a student again is a dramatic change, but truly welcome! I feel rejuvenated, motivated and eager to enter this new phase in my life!