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Clusterfuck and Merry-Go-Round

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Yesterday, quite by accident, I got acquainted with the term clusterfuck on Twitter. There was a posting in which this vulgar slang term had been used to describe the way things happen to be in the world right now – completely twisted and upside-down. Indeed it is quite easy to relate to it after last week’s Brexit and the latest terror attack at the Atatürk airport in Istanbul just two days ago.

In a continuum of sad, bad and mad developments that we have seen in the past months, you may start wondering where all order and structure have gone from this planet of ours. How come we have ended up living in a clusterfucked world, where everything seems to go wrong for most of the time!? Adding more control and regulating life more seem to be the quick cure to everything.  

Our societies have obviously become such complex environments that nobody alone has the capacity or competence to manage them effectively anymore. Is it so that the prevailing economic, political and social system has reached a saturation point where citizens are getting fed up with the current leaders and start looking for new, even alternative approaches to function and express themselves?

Maybe our joy ride on the Merry-Go-Round has come to a dead-end. The slowly revolving circular platform affixed with different types of seats does not necessarily serve its purpose anymore. It only resembles a bustle of activity that leads us nowhere. We are not at an amusement park, where we can escape from real life, have fun and pretend that all is well.

It may not be easy to accept that what was valid in the past is now invalid to a great extent. Into which direction do we want to go together in the future? Who decides on that? All of us! There is no space for the constant communication failures between us people and our leaders that we have experienced so many times before. More transparency and greater openness are called for.  

Finally, no matter on which side of the car the steering wheel happens to be (right or left), we have to make our best to turn it into a brighter future for us all in this turbulent, chaotic and out-of-balance world.   

Photo: www.recruiterpoet.com